Our Company

Since 1993, Power Credit has been developing, marketing, and supporting payment processing solutions for network-based business. You could say we are a company that has grown up along with the electronic payments industry, and every solution we implement comes packaged with this knowledge and expertise.

Our payment-processing solutions are used in large call centers, mail/phone order (MOTO) companies, and other commercial enterprises. We have designed and implemented unique value-added software specific to the "Card Not Present" environment; and with the advancement of Microsoft's .NET technology, we continue to provide solutions that offer increased payment flexibility, reliability, and security.

Our mission is your satisfaction, our focus is on your solution.

The service model at Power Credit is make the integration process as simple as possible. As a part of this model, we continually search for ways to add functionality and services to our suite of products. This includes systems integration and installation services, where we provide the technical expertise associated with planning and implementing payment functionality.

If your environment consists of complex network topologies or multiple payment methods, we use a combination of standard and customized components to simplify connectivity. Our expert advance planning and on-site consulting results in rapid development and delivery of your solutions package. A full suite of development utilities and test tools allows us to test and certify applications in your business environment.

Power Credit instructors conduct on-site training in system operations, administration and management. Training is designed to equip accounting staff and system administrators with the knowledge necessary to operate Power Credit effectively and efficiently. Key employees receive training in transaction processing, auditing, reporting, system maintenance and server management.

Following implementation, our Proactive Support Program helps minimize downtime, resolves operational glitches, and provides first line support for all payment processing issues.