Our Solutions

Power Credit's core strength is designing and implementing payment solutions that connect with merchant applications requiring payments, across multiple platforms and networks.

Our tested application components ensure system quality and reliable performance. Secure connections between merchant applications and payment card issuers, enables centralized payment processing through a common infrastructure.

Security: The Cost of Non-compliance Is High
Payment data security is the number one issue facing merchants. Power Credit's security expertise and strict adherence to PCI standards ensures your compliance with credit card security policies, protecting you and your customers.

Scalability: Leverage Your Existing Investment
Power Credit Solutions are scalable in numerous ways and designed to provide an easy growth path without unnecessary future changes to your systems. Additional servers, subsystems, and payment methods can be added as needed.

Centralized Control: Assures Reliable Day to Day Cash Flow
Our Solutions consolidate multiple electronic or manual payment methods into a centrally administered payment platform. You can manage all payment processes, users and locations, including database and real-time reporting, from a single site.

Cost Savings: Reduced Hardware Requirements
Power Credit architecture uses your existing PC hardware investment to provide rapid implementation and dramatic cost savings.

Software Products

Power Credit Enterprise Payment Gateway
Designed for major enterprises with high (100,000-10,000,000 per year) transaction volumes and multiple locations.

Power Credit PC-Lite
Designed for mid-sized merchants with medium (10,000-500,000 per year) transaction volumes and multiple locations.